Too often, organizations conduct patient journey work that provides useful insights, but fails to get carried through as THE FOUNDATION for building a comprehensive patient/HCP support experience. The opportunity exists to integrate journey components that are traditionally evaluated separately – creating a comprehensive brand asset to align all strategic & tactical planning.



Developing a comprehensive, integrated understanding of the 3 CRITICAL COMPONENTS of the treatment journey – emotional, clinical, and functional – is crucial to creating a seamless treatment experience by aligning brand efforts against known challenges and uncovered moments that matter.

Building a thorough, interconnected experience journey or blueprint:

  • Uncovers the Unknowns: identifies key knowledge gaps and areas where planned support is not addressing all the uncovered needs
  • Provides a Common Thread: through a unified framework, cross-functional teams can better develop their respective strategies and tactics
  • Enables Consistent Communication: provides a succinct visual source to align the organization on the approach for a comprehensive patient / HCP support experience

How are you aligning your organization around a single “Source of Truth” on a comprehensive treatment support experience?

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About Nuvera: Nuvera is a Premier Advisor on the Strategy and Execution of Patient/HCP Support Programs and Capabilities. We dedicate ourselves to helping our clients turn insights into effective patient and HCP support strategies and services in order to deliver a seamless treatment experience by enhancing a patient’s ability to obtain, start, and stay on therapy.

Nuvera provides the following services to create simple, yet effective solutions that enhance the overall product experience:

  • Understand & Organize Patient/HCP Needs
  • Design Impactful Patient/HCP Support Experiences
  • Build Programs and Capabilities
  • Optimize Program Performance

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